How it Works

Part scavenger hunt. Part road race. All kinds of awesome!

Download App

The game is live and recorded on your smartphone using the GooseChase app. Directions on how to download and login to the game will be given to the teams before the game begins.

You and your team compete against other teams by completing missions scattered all over town.

Mission List.jpg

Complete Missions

Sometimes you’ll be submitting a photo or video, while other times you’ll be checking-in at a specific location or solving a puzzle or riddle. 

While you receive the points right away, all submissions are subject to review by the Gamekeeper. Sometimes you’ll even get bonus points if your submission is extra impressive!

Live Competition

Whenever a team completes a mission, it’s added to the activity feed and the rankings are automatically updated.

If you’re as competitive as we are, you’ll realize how awesome this is! At any given moment, you know exactly how you’re doing and what needs to be done to win.

Great American Canyon Quest
Oct 12, 2019, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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